Experience a true Off Road ATV Adventure in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Experience a true Off Road ATV Adventure here in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

On this post, we would like to give you a summary of our Off Road ATV Tour which we do in beautiful Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.


If perhaps you are considering a trip to Costa Rica, or maybe you are already vacationing in this rich and amazing Country, you may be wondering what is the best place to do the ATV Tour?


Well, Manuel Antonio is picked by many people to be the Top Place in Costa Rica for a True Off Road ATV Experience.  This is because Manuel Antonio has so many near by mountains that provide long dirt roads with several waterfalls and a lot of wildlife to be encountered during the journey.    


Imagine combining, nature, adrenaline and a 160 ft Waterfall, could it get any better? 


The entire time you are riding the ATV, you will notice that nature and wildlife surround you at all times, giving you the opportunity to take pictures as well as a chance to relax and get a taste of what Costa Rica has to offer.   


We hope you enjoyed reading our post and we look forward to having you on our Fun ATV Dirt Road Adventure right here in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.