Manuel Antonio ATV Tour

A True ATV Jungle Experience

If you are interested in a thrilling ATV Tour in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, you have come to the right place.  Our company, provides you with the best ATV Tour, in which you can explore the fascinating Costa Rican Jungle.


These Safe, Fun & Easy to drive 4 wheelers are a blast to ride through the Rain Forest, on easy to navigate paths. You can drive, or ride, on one of these machines, for an exhilarating adventure, while you enjoy the scenery, including opportunities to view some of the interesting wildlife.


A highlight for most people, is the visit to a spectacular,160 foot Waterfall, with a beautiful natural pool, in which you can take a refreshing swim.

We have ATV’S which are perfect for 1 person, as well as 2 passenger ATVs.  The price for a 1 person atv is $105 and the price for a 2 person atv is $135.


Head over tour our ATV Tour Details Page where you will get a step by step of what we do during the ATV Adventure Ride.

atv tour manuel antonio costa rica
atv tour manuel antonio costa rica
alejandra lopez
alejandra lopez
07:06 01 Dec 21
Okay…WHAT!!! Such an adventure, I made the right choice booking this tour! Went in November, perfect weather. Had fun riding ATV’s and even more fun at Rainmaker Park. Def had a blast hiking through the jungle and got rewarded with a swim at the waterfall. Literally SO beautiful, it made me forget how cold the water was! Also…Alex! Such a genuine, knowledgeable guide you can tell he loves what he does! Steven was so kind and great at taking our pictures! Really lovely staff, you won’t regret the experience!!!
Scarlett Madrid
Scarlett Madrid
04:03 13 Nov 21
I had THE BEST time during this ATV tour!! Honestly I did not want to leave. Alex was an amazing guide. Suuuper charismatic & funny! Hopefully you guys will get grouped with him! Not to mention the waterfall so beautiful!. We were in great hands & had a fun time! Hope y’all get to experience this wonderful opportunity! Pura Vida ^.^
Erick Rodriguez
Erick Rodriguez
05:23 10 Aug 21
Riding ATVs in the jungle was one of the highlights of our Costa Rican honeymoon!! Our guide, Alex was amazing. His charismatic but laid back energy was exactly what you’re looking for in a tour guide. He was very concise in our training of how to drive the vehicles but very accommodating to whoever needed some extra help. After a little practice, we were off on an unforgettable ride through dirt trails, palm forests and Costa Rican jungle.After several miles of riding, we dismounted our ATV’s and set off on foot through a beautiful forest trail. Our short journey on foot led us through footbridges, streams, lush tropical landscapes and the occasional waterfall. Even had a few animal encounters along the way(nothing hazardous). After spending a few minutes eating some pineapple that Alex handed out and getting our feet wet at a lovely oasis, we hiked back to the ATVs.The ride back to camp was just as fun as the voyage in. Even though anyone can handle the entire ATV trail with little to no experience, there was plenty of variety and exciting terrain for even the most adventurous thrill seekers.Once we got back to base camp, we were treated to a delicious Costa Rican lunch and iced tea that definitely hit the spot. This tour was by far one of me and my wife’s favorite memories of Costai Rica. It was safe, riveting and very culturally immersive. Would absolutely recommend!
Fanny Cordero Sandi
Fanny Cordero Sandi
18:47 01 Aug 21
Grant Dunn
Grant Dunn
15:49 28 May 21
One of the best experiences of my life! Price was good for everything you’re getting: tour itself, food, swim in the rainforest and the knowledge from our tour guide, Alex. Give this man a raise! He was knowledgeable, funny, and made sure we were safe the entire time. Not to mention, he cut us up some fresh pineapple. Best tour in Costa Rica!
Lindy Matheney
Lindy Matheney
23:49 11 May 21
We had a fabulous tour and walk to rainmaker waterfall!!! Alex was our guide! He was awesome and made the tour so fun!!! Thanks for a great day! They even went the extra mile because we ended up going on a later tour but had to be back for a private dinner at our house we were staying at! They made a special ride for us to be picked up to be back by 6:00! Above and beyond help and so professional !!
Jeffrey Mensah
Jeffrey Mensah
05:16 06 May 21
From hilarious Alex the tour guide, to amazing trail. And not to forget the amazing waterfalls hike. I think we had the best ATV group, everyone was friendly. Their ATV’s are fast, their adherent to safety is a plus. They provide water, fruits during break and lunch after tour. Second time doing ATV and I will say this team Rocks.
chris montoni (Monte)
chris montoni (Monte)
22:58 25 Apr 21
I am not the type of guy to come post a review about anything on google. but this tour was absolutely AMAZING and our guide Alex was as phenomenal, and funny, and hardworking as a tour guide can get. They should up the price and give this dude Alex a raise because the man doesn't just give you a tour , he gives you an experience, one that is arguably impossible to put a price on.
Robin S
Robin S
18:28 24 Mar 21
We loved ATV Tour! Fabulous tour guides, wonderful lunch, and amazing trails.
Tyler Willis
Tyler Willis
17:34 29 Feb 20
I went here with my family for my birthday and it was awesome. the workers were so nice and even gave me a free cake. 5 stars.
Mr Lopez
Mr Lopez
11:46 17 Nov 19
Mi hija y yo hicimos el tour y fue una maravilla divertido y los puntos hermosoMuy profesional y el guia muy conocedor de area muy organisado definitivamente regresare a costa rica para hacerlo de nuevoLo recomiendo. Gracias
Kerrie Staton
Kerrie Staton
01:51 14 Oct 19
We went on October 11th and had an absolutely wonderful time. The tour guide was very personable and knowledgeable. He also took pictures of us himself since the photographer wasn’t available. The food after the tour was WONDERFUL. Maria really outdid herself in the kitchen. I would definitely recommend! We really did enjoy ourselves!
Elmer Townley
Elmer Townley
00:48 26 Apr 19
Best Tour Ever! Our tour guide Christopher was very professional and a fun guy to be around. We booked 3 single ATVs. What we liked the most about this tour was that you get to drive the ATV on actual dirt road, where all you see are mountains and wildlife and this is exactly what we were looking for. There was a spot half day during the tour to swim in a beautiful Waterfall. Absolutely loved the food and drinks. I definitely recommend this ATV Adventure.
Debora Leung
Debora Leung
06:13 10 Apr 18
Perfect Vacation in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica! We stayed at this beautiful 4 bed room villa in Manuel Antonio called Casa Reel In which had amazing ocean views and the house was super spacious plus housekeeping was included which made a huge difference as she kept the Villa very clean. We booked with Manuel Antonio Vacation Rentals and we are very thankful that they helped us find the perfect villa for me and my family. The price was very affordable and the concierge team helped with booking tours and transportation. Highly recommend using this company to book a Villa in Manuel Antonio.
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Our Manuel Antonio ATV Adventure is on a nearby mountain property, just 20 to 30 minutes from Manuel Antonio.  During the entire excursion, you are surrounded by Nature, with lush forests and gorgeous mountains.   

We take you on a Fun Hike, through the mountains, which lead to several Waterfalls.   

Your exciting adventure and refreshing swim will surely work up a good appetite. To satisfy it, we serve you a fresh Costa Rican Lunch. Our lunch menu changes, day to day, but it is always 100% local Costa Rican Food such as fresh fish, rice, beans, delicious fried plantains and a salad. Refreshing drinks, to quench your thirst, are also provided and they really hit the spot.

You get to ride the ATV in fun Dirt Roads with beautiful Mountain Views

Our Rates – Tour Departure Time – What To Bring


We have 3 different pick up times for our ATV Tour. 

7:30 a.m.   10:30 a.m.   2:00 p.m.   

The total tour is about 4 hours.  

Arrival times at your ATV Departure point are:

8:00 am, 11:00 am, 2:30 p.m.


Our Rates are listed below.  

There are no additional charges. Everything is included as part of your fun ATV Experience. 

$105 for 1 person on 1 ATV.  

$135 for 2 people on 1 ATV.  


Our Recommendations for the ATV Tour 

We recommend that you bring comfortable clothes, your best pair of sneakers, sun block, insect repellent, bathing suit and an extra change of clothes after you are done swimming in the 160 ft Waterfall.  

Long Dirt Trails Providing You More Driving Time 

During your ATV Excursion, you will encounter many long trails, which provide you more time to drive your four wheeler. These long dirt roads have little to no traffic, so you don’t have to worry about other vehicles.  

There are many scenic Costa Rican Palm Trees and other exotic plants for you to view, while feeling the refreshing breeze in your face and just enjoying the ATV Ride.  


Friendly & Hard Working Staff 

Here at Manuel Antonio ATV Tour, we want you to enjoy your tour as much as possible and our friendly staff plays a big role in making that happen. Our tour guides are Bilingual, speaking both English, as well as Spanish. One of our Tour Guides who will take you through the easy steps on how to drive the ATV and be there to answer all of your questions.  

We can take small and large groups for the ATV Adventure

Manuel Antonio is the best Place To Do The ATV Tour

You might have heard about other areas in Costa Rica that also provide the ATV Adventure, but, if you do a quick research, you will discover that the area of Manuel Antonio stands out, as the best place to do an ATV Excursion.

What makes the area of Manuel Antonio so much fun to drive an ATV is that it provides a lot of dirt roads and mountain trails that lead to several natural pools of water and beautiful Waterfalls. It’s easy to understand why so many people pick Manuel Antonio as the #1 place in Costa Rica to do an ATV Adventure Tour.


You get to ride your own ATV 

Part of what makes our ATV Tour so much fun is that you get to be the one that actually drives the Four Wheel drive and so you get to really feel the adrenaline and excitement that comes with driving a 4 wheeler. 

Those who do not have a drivers license are not allowed to drive, but can still ride with someone that does have a driver’s license.   

Join our ATV Tour in Manuel Antonio and enjoy a fun day of adrenaline

We provide all of the Safety Equipment 

Before you start the ATV Adventure, you will be handed a Safety Helmet by your Tour Guide.  These helmets are top of the line for ATV Driving and we have all sizes, so you can be sure we have one that will fit you perfectly.   


Safe, Easy & Well Maintained ATVs 

You can select from our wide variety of ATVs which are all kept in great condition and are very easy to drive, as they are semi automatic.   

We always strive to ensure that our customers have the best time during their ATV tour, which is why having all of our ATVs in perfect condition, is one of our top priorities. So, when it is time for you to begin your exciting adventure, you can just enjoy all of the beautiful scenery, as well as the fun and exhilaration of riding your 4 wheeler.  

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